In addition to our Inpatient care, we also offer Outpatient treatment for Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapies for those of all ages. Our Outpatient Therapy programs are derived from the understanding that long-term rehabilitative care is not always needed or desired. For some people, the best place to be throughout therapy, is in their own home. The mission of our faculty and staff is to improve patients' quality of life by returning them to the highest level of independence they can achieve through therapy, without making therapy the center of life.

There are three therapies available from our Outpatient Services department: Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy.

Although each therapy concentrates on different areas of rehabilitation, patients will find consistency in the concern and qualifications of the staff, the technique applied in therapy, and the effectiveness of their individual treatment.

The Outpatient Physical Therapy staff at Susque-View will work along with the patient and their physician to develop a rehabilitative plan that produces the best possible results for each individual!

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy helps patients regain functions after an accident or illness limits their independent mobility. Our outpatient Physical Therapists and therapy assistants treat patients with disorders related to:

A wide variety of Outpatient Physical Therapy treatments are available. They range from General Conditioning treatments such as:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy concentrates on improving the patient's performance of the activities of daily living. Ordinarily, routine actions like bathing, making the bed, or even preparing a meal can sometimes be a challenge to those in need of short or long term occupational therapy. Our Outpatient Occupational Therapy department is prepared to help patients compensate for impairments related to:

Sports/Recreational Injury and Neurological Diseases Including: *

A specialized plan of treatment will be designed to specifically suit patients needs and will focus on improving:

With Outpatient Occupational Therapy, the individual can focus on using their newly developed skills in the place they're needed most - their home!

Speech Therapy

The ability to speak is not something that most people think about . . . For many, it's as natural as breathing or sleeping. Individuals with speech and language disorders however, are constantly challenged to communicate with the rest of the world. For those individuals, therapy is a delicate and sensitive issue that must be handled in the same respect. The speech pathologists at Susque-View Home specialize in treating individuals with speech and/or language disorders related to:

Treatments are available for:

Swallowing Impairment Susque-View can also serve those requiring communication restoration following:

At Susque-View, patients receiving Outpatient Speech Therapy will receive all the personal attention and time they need to turn the fear of speaking into the confidence of communication!

Have Questions about our Outpatient Services?

Susan Triponey is our Outpatient Coordinator and Director of Rehabilitation.

She and her staff are available to answer any questions you may have regarding Rehabilitation Services and can be contacted by email or by calling (570) 893-5971.

We also offer Inpatient and Rehabilitation Services.




We welcome you to make an appointment to tour our facility by calling (570) 893-5953 and asking for Beth Maguire-Watkins, Admissions Coordinator. Our staff would be happy to show you the environment in which we care for our residents at Susque-View Home Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

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Susque-View Home Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers an in-house beauty salon, a quarterly newsletter, birthday luncheons, chapel services and activities for all residents, in order to provide for those who are more comfortable staying close to our home.

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